Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stupid Shit in Wrestling: Episode 8

Well, it's been a while since I last did one of these, but let's dive right in:

Matt Hardy is back in jail for a record 3RD time after police were tipped off by Matt's own girlfriend, Reba Sky and shown a hidden safe containing several containers of prescription painkillers, then after they got a search warrant, they found 20 vials of anabolic steroids, ecstasy, some drug paraphernalia, and $1,900 in cash. Matt Hardy was charged with several drug charges and it is unknown if he's out on bond or not.

Is Matt Hardy now just a lost cause? Seriously, this is his 3rd arrest in a SINGLE MONTH, with the first two arrests being DUI. Jeff has at least made it look like he's cleaned up his act and is now trying to move on with his life, but Matt just seems to be digging a hole deeper and deeper in hopes of coming out the other side. I don't want to think that Matt's a lost cause, but maybe it's got to the point that people need to start ignoring Matt Hardy's antics and hope he starts to change his life.

Matt Hardy is just trying to work the world now, he's been released from WWE and TNA, so with no other place to go to put on a show, he's going to make the whole world his Wrestling show.

 Hulk Hogan is being accused of stealing ideas for his midget wrestling show, "Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling" from the Spike TV midget wrestling show, "Half-Pint Brawlers" and the HPB show is considering a lawsuit.

If they try to settle this with a Little People's Court segment, I'm gonna snap and start hurting people.

All wrestling shows tend to take ideas from one place and use them, TNA is known for stealing ideas from the WWE and using them, but you don't see the WWE filing a lawsuit against TNA.

Jerry Lawler was legitimately injured last night on RAW during his segment when Mark Henry put him through the announce table. The table was supposed to be properly rigged to fall apart, but the crew that sets these things up didn't rig it that way and it lead to Lawler getting injured.

It sucks that a technical error on someone part lead to Jerry Lawler getting hurt and having to go to the hospital. Here's to hoping you're not too bad off, Lawler.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stupid Shit in Wrestling: Episode 7

Yesterday, Matt Hardy was released from TNA after getting into a wreck AND getting arrested after that for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated).

Honestly, It's about damn time that TNA gets rid of Matt Hardy because all I've ever seen him do is brag on Twitter that he's solely responsible for the "Ratings increase" that has occurred for TNA. The only two matches I remember him wrestling in TNA is one against AJ Styles with Ric Flair at his side and the other one in a tag match with his brother Jeff against RVD and Mr. Anderson. Both of these matches were slow paced because they had to keep it slow so Matt wouldn't run out of breath.

They also need to fire Jeff Hardy from TNA because he's in worse shape than Matt Hardy, I mean, he's facing criminal drug charges! That's got to be at least ten times worse than Matt getting hammered and plowing his car into a tree.

Shane Helms has decided to open his mouth once more and defend Matt Hardy for getting a DWI by bashing TNA:

"TMZ, a site that profits off the mistakes and downfalls of human beings. How proud they must be. What a bunch of maggots."

This is coming from a guy who got jealous that Shawn Michaels was getting into the Hall of Fame before him and proceeded to bash him over the internet in an attempt to cause problems.

If anyone is a maggot around here, Shane Helms, It's you!

Booker T claims he was disrespected by Generation Me after a WWE show, where Generation Me was wrestling a dark match and didn't say hello or offer to shake his hand.


Just because they didn't shake your hand or say hello after a match is NOT a show of disrespect, Booker!

P.S. learn to fucking type right! My god, it's like trying to read a 9 year old girls text.

Hulk Hogan's ex-wife, Linda stated on a radio broadcast to a fan's question that Hogan may have had a gay relationship with Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake.

Why are you still clinging to your ex-husbands fame? You don't care anymore, you're just screwing with anything and everything to just keep yourself in the limelight.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Stupid Shit in Wrestling: Episode 6

Lee Silber, the man who has been stalking Maryse has had a restraining order against him, stating that Silber is not allowed to be within 300 feet of Maryse.

Seriously, that guy is a complete nut-job if all these things that he's supposedly said to Maryse is true. It definitely sounded like he was going to kill her if he did show up where she lived, but if he's truly serious, then a restraining order won't stop him.

MVP recently took a shot at TNA when asked by a fan on Twitter if he would ever work for TNA if he got "homesick" of working over in Japan, in which MVP stated "I could never be THAT homesick!"

This just goes to show you how bad TNA is because even someone like MVP, a mid-card wrestler has stated that he would not work for them.

More TNA Bashing: Mickie James is apparently having to ask her fans for money to support her next album claiming that they're pre-ordering the album and getting free goodies with it as well.

Does TNA not pay enough for you to afford to pay for your own album recording or is the Angry Grandpa right that all you get paid with is Cotton Candy, Candied Apples, and free rides on the Ferris Wheel? 

News just came in Today: WWE has just released Chris Masters, Vladamir Koslov, and Melina from their contracts today.

So, the WWE released a guy that bounces his pecks, a Russian that doesn't have any real wrestling skill, and the backstage whore? Am I supposed to care?

More breaking news: WWE Diva Gail Kim has apparently quit the WWE and informed her fans over twitter.

Okay, so you quit. Hooray! You're unemployed now! Again, as I said before, Am I supposed to care?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stupid Shit in Wrestling: Episode 5

Let's see just what shit has piled up this week:

Sin Cara has finally spoken out since his suspension from the WWE, stating that he was injected with medication for some pain that was in his knee. These injections are also the same that they used while he was wrestling in Mexico, but apparently he is meeting with the WWE tomorrow in order to discuss the test.

Interview Quote: "What happened is I had a pain in my knee and they injected something into me. That's what must have tested positive. Supposedly it was a steroid. A lot of medications have something them that make the testing come out positive."

So, let me get this straight, you allow them to inject something in your knee that you state in the interview that you have no idea what it is or even asked what is being injected into your body and you don't bother to ask whether or not it'll show up on a drug test? You don't even inform the doctor that you were just recently given a shot to help with pain in your knee, so he can make a note in your drug test to avoid this?

You deserve the suspension for just being plain stupid in not informing anyone about the shot or even asking what's in the shot.

John Cena was apparently tweeting during Raw monday night and apologized to the Rock for supposedly getting "Fired", to which the Rock responded back and asked the WWE to not fire John Cena because the world wants him to kick Cena's ass at Wrestlemania 28.

First off, let me get something off my chest: No one above the age of eight that had at least half of a working brain believed for a second that Vince was going to fire John Cena and to be honest....no one really cared either. Cena is the biggest money drawer in the WWE right now, possibly even bigger than Triple H, Orton and maybe even the Undertaker, so getting rid of your biggest money making idea is just plain stupidity.

Now, for you, Rocky boy: Shut up. Get off Twitter. Get off Facebook. Prove to all the fans that believed you were going to return and ACTUALLY FUCKING RETURN TO THE WWE!!

Until you do, I'm now referring to you as Dwayne "The Bitch" Johnson.

More on Dwayne "The Bitch" Johnson: He is now apparently confirmed to be appearing during Survivor Series, a pay-per-view that takes place in....fucking November 20th, 2011

so, the next time that you are guaranteed to see Dwayne "The Bitch" Johnson in a WWE arena is in fucking November......

However, this is a great chance for the WWE to start building up a decent storyline between Cena and the Rock. You have Cena lead a survivor series team against the Rock's team.

CM Punk appeared at the WWE's Comi-Con convention and interrupted the WWE Panel there, confronting Triple H and even offering him a challenge for the WWE Title he left with after Money in The Bank.

CM Punk is seriously proving that not only can he hold the proverbial "ball" pretty good, but he can run with that "ball" faster and better than anyone else in the WWE. 

It just goes to show you that what JR once said in a "Legends of Wrestling" round table discussion was true: If you get your fans to emotionally invest in the product, you win.

CM Punk has all these fans emotionally invested into this storyline and It clearly shows that they want CM Punk to return to the WWE and be the WWE Champion. It also goes to show you how badly the WWE needs CM Punk by allowing him to do all that he has done, but it also shows how badly CM Punk needs the WWE.

CM Punk pretty much has nowhere else to go other than the WWE because everywhere else will be problematic with his career:

New Japan Pro Wrestling: If CM Punk goes to New Japan, then he'll end up losing a big chunk of his fan base because I don't know of any stations on any cable subscribers that host New Japan Pro Wrestling, so unless you have Internet Television or are willing to wait for a few weeks for matches to hopefully appear on You tube, then you probably won't be seeing CM Punk again for a long time.

Ring of Honor: Ring of Honor is not as big as the WWE and their house shows are small venues, while the WWE is sitting 10,000-20,000 minimum arenas per show. There's no way you'd be willing to stop performing at that level to go back to performing for a small number of people per night. Whether you admit it or not, the name of the game is making money and you'd definitely be making less money in Ring of Honor than in the WWE.

TNA: CM Punk wouldn't even consider TNA because of the ego-driven maniacs that work there and the fact that he would get buried even worse than we would get in the WWE. CM Punk would get buried the first time he gets out of line in TNA and be left a broken shell of his former self, crawling back to the WWE to get any job from them, even if he had to once again work in the shadow of the Dynasty-King himself, John Cena.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stupid Shit in Wrestling: Episode 4

Let's get started:

 Apparently, Ric Flair's absence from many recent TNA television episodes may be connected with the "Historic" NYC show, in which Ric Flair signed some autographs before the show, but then left and no-showed the event. He even refused to come back and participate in another autograph signing after the show. One TNA wrestler even went to the point of stating that Flair's TNA run is 'a real embarrassment to his career'.

I've been doing a bit of research on this situation and apparently Ric Flair wasn't actually scheduled to be part of the live show and the only reason he was there to begin with was to sign autographs as a favor to the former VP of TNA talent relations, Terry Taylor.  

D'Lo Brown, was the TNA Agent in charge there and apparently tried to get Flair to stay in case they needed him for anything, but Flair refused to stay because he wasn't advertised and left, but participated in a smaller autograph signing the next day.

If Ric Flair wasn't advertised, then he has the right to refuse to participate in the event, end of story.

enough about this, though, let's move on....

Shawn Michaels is getting harassed by the animal rights group, PETA, due to his new hunting show on the Outdoor channel, Macmillan River Adventures. They even went as far as to compare his killing and eating of animals to the serial killing and cannibalism of Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 men and ate them.

.....You mean to honestly compare hunting animals and using their meat to feed your family towards a serial killer who butchered 17 people and ate them? There's one slight issue here with that statement: Hunting isn't a felony, you dumb ass!

in a recent episode of his wrestling show, 'Reality according to a Super Genius', Mark Madden stated that Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter sat down with the TNA roster and told them that they need to improve their story-telling in the ring.

Story-Telling in the ring is probably the least biggest thing that TNA needs to worry about improving, in fact, I'll come up with a list off the top of my head of ideas that need to be improved more than story-telling.

1. Hire new talent. (NON-FORMER WWE TALENT!)

2. Get rid of your worst talent (Matt Hardy, etc.)

3. Get rid of the Company-killing trio! (Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Vince Russo)

Another comment from Mark Madden was about the creativity of the whole Cena/Rock angle going on through Twitter. He stated that the Rock might actually be getting irritated with Cena because of Cena's constant reminders that the Rock promised he would not leave the WWE ever again and yet, he's gone off to Hollywood once again and the next chance someone might see him is if he does decide to follow the rumors he posted on either Twitter or Facebook, I'm not really sure which, that he's going to be at Survivor Series.

I think Vince has finally learned a good lesson about promo segments: Let your wrestlers speak the truth and it makes the promo so much better. Cena's been stating the truth ever since the Rock left and it just makes this angle so much better, but I have to agree with Madden here, that there's truly no way to keep this angle alive over Twitter. The Rock needs to come back to the WWE in order to keep the angle alive or else it'll probably die sometime before the Royal Rumble.

Well, that's all for now!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stupid Shit in Wrestling: Episode 3

A new day and a new pile of shit in the wrestling world, so let's get our shovels and start digging in:

The Rock and John Cena are once again going off on rants about each other due to some comments that Cena made about the Rock in Australia during the WWE Overseas tour in order to remind people that Cena and the Rock are going to fight each other at WrestleMania 28

Are they seriously going to keep up their ranting and bitching at each other all year until WrestleMania in order to keep people reminded of the match? Another way to do this that will make you more money......would be to ACTUALLY HAVE THE ROCK COMPETE BEFORE WRESTLEMANIA!!

Another Rock news bulletin: The Rock is apparently tweeting that he may return at Survivor Series.

Of course....He can't just return during any Raw or other PPV, he has to return at Survivor Series because EVERYBODY returns at Survivor Series. Let's hope he actually returns and doesn't just grace us 'Via Satellite'!

CM Punk has apparently had a pizza named after his finishing move, The Go To Sleep, or GTS for short.

You know you've made it in the wrestling business when you have your own Pizza named after your finishing move!

Another TNA Hardcore Justice PPV is being advertised for August 7th, but unlike the previous Hardcore Justice that actually had the former ECW wrestlers in it, now, Hardcore Justice will have TNA wrestlers performing.

Dixie.....Hardcore Justice wasn't as nostalgic because of the bullshit you had them go through to stroke Hogan and your ego's, so WHY IN THE GOD DAMN HELL ARE YOU DOING IT AGAIN!!!!

Chris Jericho and his band, Fozzy were involved in an accident overseas that totaled their bus, but left the band uninjured.

Okay, It's nice to know that they're okay, but I have a quick question: WHY THE HELL IS THIS NEWS ON A DAMN WRESTLING NEWS WEB SITE!!!

Not much shit this time around...so, sorry for such a short episode, I'll see you next time

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stupid Shit in Wrestling: Episode 2

Well, let's get started with Episode 2

CM Punk has been "suspended indefinitely" from the WWE after his shoot promo on RAW last week, but later his been allowed to return only to non-televised shows that are occurring overseas.

Vince.....NO ONE IS BUYING THAT CM PUNK WAS SUSPENDED!!! If that promo wasn't going to be shown on TV, then you would've cut it off right when things started to look bad, but you didn't. You also didn't fool people when you cut off the TV airing at the very end of Raw last week. TNA tried to do it once with the Kip James Gang (AKA New Age Outlaws) and it didn't work, so What makes you think that if you do it with CM Punk, it'll work?

Zack Ryder came out during the overseas event and successfully defended his "Internet Championship" against Primo.

Zack Ryder is proving to the world that he is able to not only entertain the fans on his YouTube series, but is able to entertain his fans on live TV and overseas, even as a champion, so the WWE needs to get Zack to move his show onto WWE.com so they can cash in on it and give Zack a big push because he seriously has proven that he deserves one.

Ric Flair was repeatedly listed during a TNA event that was occurring in New York, he was at an autograph signing before the event and was even listed to be appearing during the event, but he didn't appear at all during the event and upset TNA fans.

That's seems so like TNA....to advertise someone to be at an event, but then break that advertisement and not allow the person at that event.

The Ultimate Warrior released a set of videos called Kharma that had to do with shooting down Hulk Hogan. He told many stories about how Hogan smoked pot, kept other wrestlers down by making them addicts, helped to ruin Macho Man's marriage, how he had an open marriage with Linda, and how he ruined his kid's lives.

It's an interesting set of videos, but all Warrior did was tell people exactly what most of us knew about Hulk Hogan. It's funny to watch this because while you're talking in this video, you put yourself on this pedestal and make it seem like all the stuff people have said about you is not true.

Chavo Guerrero asked and has been released from the WWE because he was no longer happy working there, but he may now be working for the World Wrestling Council because he is scheduled to be appearing there in a tag-team match with Orlando Colon to take on the team of Los Fugitivos de La Calle for the WWC Tag Team Titles.

It's nice to see that Chavo hasn't given up wrestling after having to sell losing so many times to Hornswoggle or having to continually lose match after match. I wish him the best of luck in his new wrestling promotion.

TNA is finally getting it's act together and is wanting Jeff Hardy to enter Rehab to get cleaned up, but no word has been received if Jeff will go or not.

If Jeff wants to keep his job and still have a place to earn a paycheck, then he will go into rehab and get cleaned up. It's just as simple as that, no asking him to go into rehab, no pleading with him to go, just tell him to go or he's fired.

I'm going to try and start doing this on a weekly basis from now on